Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Getting started

While this is not the first day of travel it is the first blog day so best start with a hello to all and thanks for taking the time to find us! As we are blog virgins please be kind, i am sure we will get better along the way.... it is a big wide world after all!!! The day of departure is fast approaching and i am in true bec style procrastinating about things ( lucky there is one organised person between us!!). So much to do and so little time really, oh well it will all come together in due course. We hope you find our blog as much fun to read as we are going to have writing it, please add comments and catch up along the way.
All our love and excitement


  1. Hope you guys have a great time, looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing photos you take along the way. The adventure starts here, anything goes. Have fun stay safe and enjoy the world ����

  2. Thinking of you tonight girls as your departure time is near. Safe travels and look forward to reading about your adventures. Lots of love, Wenna. xxxx

  3. So excited to see you blogging your way around the world...Look forward to your many stories on your exciting journey. Embrace every moment together. Lots of love A & M x x x x